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Microsoft is dangling a $44.6 billion hostile bid in front of Yahoo investors in what is widely pegged as a move to thwart Google from overtaking it as the biggest and most powerful tech company in the world. The proposed price would be a healthy premium over Yahoo's stock price before the bid was announced, and the news itself was enough to send shares of the struggling Internet giant sharply higher. The irony of Microsoft saving the world from a monopolistic monolith was not lost on many tech observers.

Will the EBAY boycott work?Ē
"Hey Rocky watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!"
I think thatís exactly what is about to happen here. The playing field is different now. There are more venues than before. True not as big, but they are growing fast. Ebay sellers who have been in business a while are becoming more internet savvy. There are store builder programs, promotional venues that werenít out there a few years ago that are easy for someone who knows little about setting up a website.
Whatís also different: its not small sellers with 50-250 feedbacks is a lot of larger sellers with 1000-15000 feedbacks taking "The Pledge" on that one thread on the Ebay boards. These are people with not 10 or 20 listings but people with 100-500 listing at any given time. I am looking at stores that have been here for years that have closed in the last week that had huge amounts of listing. Those are just the ones willing to "go public". I received an email tonight from a power seller I know who said flat out heís done with Ebay.
I also think its about principal. The small seller made Ebay the success it is, not the big sellers who hawk stuff that you can find everywhere. As a business model the idea that you could find anything, "it', if you will, made this successful. These small sellers are, quite frankly, mad, they also know a lot about marketing and PR because this issue is now off the boards and on the evening news.
Thatís what is different and Ebayís stock is not what it used to be and I am sure stockholders are seeing this on the news and in the papers and asking questions. Maybe questions that new management didnít consider or just dismissed. All these small sellers, plus medium sellers plus a few Power sellers are starting to add up to potential loss of millions of listings, thatís a large chunk of change even to EBAY.
The other venues are adding sellers at a good clip, everyday, and those sellers are doing the PR thing and emailing their client lists, posting on boards and getting the word out. I think for many its more than a one week "vacation" its ďretirementĒ from a venue that is non responsive to those who helped make it what it is. Ebay may realize their error but I doubt it, much like Aol, the dot.coms and the Ford Edsel it may fade away before it knows what hit it.
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