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Re: Comcast Enters Video On-Demand Sweepstakes With Fancast
Posted by: Keith Regan 2008-01-22 08:58:07
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Comcast is launching an online video hub that will connect users with content in a variety of formats, joining a crush of companies aiming to leverage the Web to provide the ultimate on-demand experience. The cable giant's Fancast site will be the first such destination meant to connect users with content whether it's online, on television, in movie theaters or on DVD. Fancast launches with an array of free video, such as full episodes of "CSI," "Heroes" and "Prison Break."

Posted by: MPace 2009-08-21 07:53:40 In reply to: Keith Regan
Fancast has just re-programmed the website software, including its TV listings feature -- and introduced EVEN MORE bugs than there were already (a lot).

As a typical example of how managers at Fancast are asleep at the switch: Despite entering one's ZIP code (and then choosing which Comcast service one receives) -- the TV listings come out in EASTERN time. (And there is no place to specify another time zone.)

BEFORE the re-programming of the website software, the TV listings, at least, came in according to the correct time zone corresponding to the ZIP code entered.

BUT even then, when one used the Search facility to find airings of a particular program in the near future, THOSE listings always were described in EASTERN time, again regardless of the local time zone corresponding to one's ZIP code. AND those listings (of the selected program) were LABELED as being shown with the SOONEST AIRING FIRST -- but this was NOT TRUE -- NOT EVEN CLOSE.

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