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Re: Sometimes Outsourcing Isn't a Choice
Posted by: Michael Sasso 2007-12-13 11:04:15
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Tom Beckwith knows the usual rap about offshore outsourcing. It costs American jobs, critics say, while it underpays foreign workers. However, Beckwith, chief executive of Largo, Fla.-based Beckwith Electric, insists it's not that simple. This summer, Beckwith reluctantly hired a company in India to run tests on the computer software that operates his high-tech products. Beckwith manufactures devices that protect and control power plants. He had little choice but to outsource.

Re: Sometimes Outsourcing Isn't a Choice
Posted by: n6532l 2007-12-13 11:13:00 In reply to: Michael Sasso
This article implies, but does not say, that Beckwith is looking for American Engineers and is unable to find them while offering wages in the range of $80-150,000. The claim is that it would hire Americans if only they were available. I claim that they are after cheap foreign labor.
In order to get Department of Labor approval to hire an H-1B the employer must fill out form ETA 9035. The form is available at
The data include the wage to be paid. This data is public information and online several places.
To support my argument I invite you to go to the government web sight
Here is what I found:
1. Sr Engineer $62,992/year for year 2005
2 Software Engineer $45,000/year for year 2004
3. Senior Engineer I $54,855/year for year 2004
4. Design Engineer $50,000/year for year 2004
5. Sr. Engineer $56,000/year for year 2002
These salaries are well below what the article implies and below the true prevailing wage of Americans with these job titles. These wages conform to what the critics are saying. Companies claim a shortage to cover up stabbing Americans in the back by hiring cheap foreign labor.
Check out the Lou Dobbs report at
Mr. Beckwith, Mr. Yalla, I say you are not telling the whole story and grossly misrepresenting the situation. An honest search for American engineers, with an honest wage, would produce all the engineers you require.
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