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Re: Amazon Offers Taste of Fresh Grocery Delivery
Posted by: Walaika Haskins 2007-08-03 22:02:08
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Not content to sell everything from video downloads to cosmetics to furniture, Amazon.com quietly rolled out a new service Wednesday called "AmazonFresh," a grocery store and home delivery site. Currently stating availability only in the Seattle area, the grocery service appears to offer similar services as such spectacular dot-com boom era failures as Webvan.com and Kozmo.com. "Welcome to AmazonFresh, the Seattle area's newest online grocery service founded by Amazon!" reads the message on the AmazonFresh site.

Amazon Fresh
Posted by: innovator10 2009-02-02 03:44:19 In reply to: Walaika Haskins
I don't think these guys will last long. I would question their insight and planning.

There is no customer service number to call after dealing with a jerk that shows up at 3am, is extememly noisy, wakes the neighborhood and the dogs, and then has the audacity to blame me for parking a car on my property. I tell him how large trucks have to navigate the turn around, with an installed T section, otherwise they break down the curbing. He argues with me.

I am really hacked off by these idiots and thus my post is at 3:45.

The idea is interesting but its implementation is poor.
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