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Re: eBay To Get $1.2M in Spam Settlement
Posted by: ECT News 2001-07-14 22:17:56
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eBay, Inc. (Nasdaq: EBAY) said it will get $1.2 million (US$) under a lawsuit settlement with ReverseAuction.com, Inc., which had been accused of illegally obtaining eBay user IDs and addresses in order to send them unwanted and misleading e-mail.

Re: eBay To Get $1.2M in Spam Settlement
Posted by: Frank Parker 2001-07-14 22:39:35 In reply to: ECT News
It is ironic that Ebay fights to keep spam from its users when at the same time it affronts the same users with the worse incidents of spamming I have ever seen on the internet. Each time you click from page to page, a banner ad appears ACROSS THE TEXT you are viewing. The computer freezes for several seconds to force the user to read the ad.

The same ad may appear 10 or more times in an hour
over several days. It is annoying, frustrating and extremely stressful. This spam is so incredibly odious because you can't erase it, ignore it or click away from it. All this from a company pledged to protect its users from spam. Ebay's chatrooms are full of complaints about this that are ignored by the company, and I think that the "freeze-up time" may be getting longer.
I have lost respect for the company since it obviously has no respect for its customers.

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