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Re: Online Shopping: For Some, the Ultimate Liberating Experience
Posted by: G. Wayne Miller 2007-04-23 05:24:14
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One's home has long been one's castle, but life behind the walls has never been so inviting. Thanks to the modern marketplace, whose laws are written by human behavior, it is now possible to live at a level of comfort and convenience that medieval royalty could never have imagined. Consider Nancy Thomas, mother of two, dedicated online shopper, self-described e-mail junkie and loyal customer of Netflix and Peapod, the home-delivery grocery service run by Stop & Shop's parent company.

Re: Online Shopping: For Some, the Ultimate Liberating Experience
Posted by: Spankster 2007-04-26 07:26:49 In reply to: G. Wayne Miller
Can you say abuse of the amenities of the Internet. I am pretty embarassed for people in our society that cannot function when they have to run errands on thier own. I mean, who doesn't like to order from stores that aren't in their own city, or the item is unavailable in the store? I do it, but if I said that I could look out the window from my home and see the store, but I still ordered online, I would say that I may as well diassociate from everyone I know and love because I have become a complete anti-social.
I enjoyed the reading, and I was very intrigued by it. It was also very well writen, but my issue is this: children are out-of-control, and obesity is off the charts. People don't know how to communicate with others anymore, and I have this sneaking suspicion that it has to do with modern technology.
The difference between using and abusing the convenience of the Net is you can still leave the house and get fresh air, talk to oyour neighbours or garden without having to consult someone online, or order the supplies that you could get by walking down the street to buy them. Don't become that family who text messages eachother when dinner is ready. What will your conversations become? Enjoy it, use it, but realize that there is still a great world outside you windows...the computer program AND the ones that the sun is shining through.
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