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Re: Vonage Warns It May Go Bankrupt
Posted by: Tim Gray 2007-04-18 17:16:24
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Vonage says its legal woes have severely restricted its ability to add new customers and ultimately could lead to bankruptcy court, according to a regulatory filing. Shares of the VoIP service provider dropped 6 percent after the company warned this week that legal wrangling with Verizon over patent infringement issues could disconnect the company entirely. Vonage is accused of lifting Verizon technology that links calls made over IP networks with phones on traditional phone circuitry.

Re: Vonage Warns It May Go Bankrupt
Posted by: S9 2007-05-22 22:21:17 In reply to: Tim Gray
If Vonage truly did what they are accused of then they should be shut down Ė technological theft is by far one of the worst crimes imaginable business-wise. It is hard to imagine that a company would be willing to risk everything it has over theft. It seemed like a great start up company only to be riding on the back of someone elseís technology. I know there are other large (public) companies that have done this but I canít think of any right now. It is late. If anyone can think of any please add. Also if any of my statements are erred Iíll correct it later. ..What a terrible-terrible thing they have doneÖ
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