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Re: Google Leaps Into Boob Tube Ad Biz
Posted by: Keith Regan 2007-04-07 07:56:13
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Continuing its drive to expand its reach beyond the Web, Google reached a deal to partner with satellite TV provider EchoStar to deliver television spots for its advertising clients. Together, the companies will create what they called the first automated system for buying, selling, distributing and measuring the effectiveness of video ads delivered over EchoStar's Dish Network. Google has also been testing a similar approach with cable provider Astound, which operates in parts of California.

Re: Google Leaps Into Boob Tube Ad Biz
Posted by: mkokernak 2007-04-07 08:05:33 In reply to: Keith Regan
It is obvious that Google does not have much experience in the television advertising space. Google is trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Over 20 media auction sites failed in the late 1990s. The real solution for TV advertising is the dynamic insertion of text links at the bottom of the TV screen. So say for instance you want to download the season of Sopranos when you see the text link that says 'download Sopranos" you will click it with your remote and instantly it will move to your Internet 'iTunes' account. When purchased it will link back to the exact commercial link placement thus giving you 100% ROI and accountability. This can be used for everything -- imagine the value for Procter & Gamble when a $.50 pack of gum can get deposited in the online shopping cart for Wal-Mart? Then the consumer either buys the gum using their home PC or goes to the store ...all accountable. This is the way the industry will go. This is what is currently being built in the industry by a no-name company that may emerge as the next big competitor to Google. Google just brings attention to the market but in the end Google will be the Hot-Bot of TV.
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