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Re: Out-of-Band Authentication Protects Online Financial Data
Posted by: Andrew R. Rolfe 2007-02-15 07:10:12
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If you've ever watched a late night spy movie on cable, you're probably already familiar with the concept: Access to a highly secured area or object requires two separate keys each in the possession of a different individual. Some financial companies handling sensitive customer data over the Internet appear to be thinking along the same lines. Employing out-of-band authentication, the use of two separate networks working simultaneously to authenticate a user, is emerging as a strong defense against sophisticated online criminals.

Coming of age - Out of band authentication
Posted by: pbouldin 2009-08-25 14:45:32 In reply to: Andrew R. Rolfe
Although this article was written two years ago it seems to be more important than ever. It's unclear as to how many malware instances can highjack sessions that also include the random / temporary key - but it's apparently happening. In my opinion this solution is scalable, relatively easy to deploy and extremely hard to beat. I would imagine the guys from Mission Impossible could come up with something but with the effort required I'm sure there are easier targets.

Patrick Bouldin
Data Center and Infrastructure Consulting
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