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Re: HP's Dunn to Vacate Board Post
Posted by: Jennifer LeClaire 2006-09-12 11:49:37
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With memories of ousted Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina still fresh in the minds of many, news comes that the company's chairman, Patricia Dunn, has agreed to step down. Dunn, who climbed the corporate ladder from secretary to CEO at Barclays Global Investors after abandoning a career in journalism, appears to be another casualty of fallout resulting from a pretexting scandal that stirred up the company's board of directors.

Re: HP's Dunn to Vacate Board Post
Posted by: marileev 2006-09-13 15:47:17 In reply to: Jennifer LeClaire
The problem with Patricia Dunn's handing of the HP leaks is two fold. The authorization of data gathering by pretexting shows a flagrant lack for privacy for not just the reporters, but also for fellow HP board members -- and now she's backtracking saying that she didn't fully understand the techniques used.
The obtaining of phone records also led to gathering email addresses which were inevitably scoured for leak information as well.
All this innuendo has caused HP CEO Mark Hurd to put a firm line in the ground about the company's ethics which Dunn disregarded http://www.iwantmyess.com/?p=100

Re: HP's Dunn to Vacate Board Post
Posted by: mroonie 2006-09-12 11:52:50 In reply to: Jennifer LeClaire
I do not believe that Dunn's actions were necessary. What she did was nothing short of what a scammer would do in an attempt to obtain personal data. Sure she didn't use it to commit Identity fraud but she abused her power in unethical ways.
Compliance definitely needs to become part of the vernacular of all employees, both at the top and bottom; especially when it comes to security compliance. This just goes to show that internal security threats exist just as much as external and the need for security protection is higher than ever. I just hope that other people don't choose to do what Dunn did and instead take action to solve the first priority, plugging up the security holes...
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