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Re: Backing Up Your Web Site Data: An Overlooked Necessity
Posted by: Chris Kivlehan 2006-09-05 03:50:52
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Over the last decade, many businesses -- long established and newly formed alike -- have made the World Wide Web a key revenue-generating channel. Billions of dollars are transacted each year over the Web. For many, going online to make a purchase or to find information that will lead to a purchase is now second nature. A natural consequence of this situation is that enormous amounts of very valuable data are stored on computers, and as we all well know, computers tend to die from time to time.

Re: Backing Up Your Web Site Data: An Overlooked Necessity
Posted by: aschroeder2 2006-09-05 03:56:36 In reply to: Chris Kivlehan
Very true, backups of web servers are often neglected (but of general server systems too). The unique challenge with operating a web server is the danger of web defacement. Somebody adding additional files into the web root typically remains undetected - and this is a threat that is not that far off. Many security vulnerabilities don't allow the attacker too much - except for maybe dropping a file somewhere within the web directory.
Detecting these defacement attacks is the first challenge, performing a quick and automated recovery the next. It is highly recommendable to deploy a tool that does both, such as FactotumNOW Web Checking or Webagain. Not only will they detect defacement attacks but also "heal" them quickly. Depending on the infrastructure involved, one or the other may be the better choice. No choice however is the deployment of one of these tools or something similar.
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