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Re: Wealthy Use Offshore Tax Havens to Cheat System
Posted by: Anonymous 2006-08-02 09:51:10
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For most Americans, paying taxes is a straightforward proposition, even if not painless: Taxes are deducted from their pay before they get the check. This isn't the case for everyone, especially some wealthy individuals who cheat by hiding their assets in offshore tax shelters. The federal government now says that it wants to tighten the rules, making it tougher to hide money in offshore accounts that should be taxed. It's about time.

Re: Wealthy Use Offshore Tax Havens to Cheat System
Posted by: BLane 2006-08-02 10:06:50 In reply to: Anonymous
It's about time? About time for what? About time Congress steals more of our money to spend irresponsibly?
Considering 10% of Americans pay 95% of all taxes already you should be talking about how broken our current tax system is and how it needs to be abolished and replaced with a flat tax or national sales tax in lieu of all other taxes. NOT another law that needs to be put into place.
If you combined a new tax policy with a fiscally responsible Congress, all of this tax dodging talk would be a moot point. In fact we could disband the IRS and all of these financial services workers could then focus on productive practices instead of tax dodging. People wouldn't have to go to such lengths to shelter thier income and would pay thier fair share gladly.
We already pay too much in taxes and have no control over where that money goes. Working hard only to give 50% of my earnings to a government that spends it like drunken sailors is no picnic.
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