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Re: Report: Value of Online Ads Underappreciated
Posted by: ECT News 2001-06-25 16:55:39
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E-commerce firms, among others, have yet to grasp the full value of Internet advertising
because many do not recognize the overall impact that online branding can have,
according to a report released Monday by Jupiter Media Metrix.

Businesses that judge advertising campaigns solely on their ability to generate visits to
Web sites, or on how many visitors are converted into buyers, do not measure all of the
benefits of online ads, the research firm said.

Re: Report: Value of Online Ads Underappreciated
Posted by: Robert Baugh 2001-06-25 22:52:41 In reply to: ECT News
Mr Regan's article signposts that the future growth in online advertising is not going to be fuelled by the continued and rapid take-up of a new media, as we've seen in the last five years. Rather, it will be by advertisers' recognition that online advertising delivers far more value than click-throughs at the time the ad is viewed, and by innovation from within the ad industry to deliver more value.

The main way we can deliver that value will be to take more notice of consumers' interests. Although incredible progress has been made in a short time, with online advertising now meaning far more than a plain banner, many in the current 'roiling debate' are glossing over consumers' interests. For example, do you, individually, really appreciate larger banners and pop-up windows? Applying short-term measures contrary to consumers' interests in the long term is not a foundation for a sustainable industry.

With the internet and email taking larger portions of consumers' media time, and with the barrage of emails that consumers are starting to receive, more inventive methods will need to be devised for reaching them how they want and when they want. When advertisers finally act on the marketing gap between consumer online time and advertising budgets, there need to be sustainable strategies for them to use.

Rich media, permission marketing and streaming technologies are the current flag-bearers, but it will be exciting to see where we are in another five years when Darwinism has had more time to take effect.

Re: Report: Value of Online Ads Underappreciated
Posted by: Gustavo Pena 2001-06-26 12:30:14 In reply to: Robert Baugh
I always found the "click-through" measurement kind of silly. No one clicks through bus signs, billboards, magazines or TVs, yet their value in driving sales is understood. Yet the web delivers a more affluent audience and gets penalized because that audience does not immediately stop what it's doing to go make a purchase at the advertised site.
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