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Re: Microsoft Files Piracy Suits
Posted by: Keith Regan 2005-09-21 02:02:30
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Microsoft has filed lawsuits against eight software re-sellers, saying that consumers helped lead them to the firms accused of selling pirated versions of the company's software. The software giant said the firms sold counterfeit or unauthorized copies of Microsoft Windows and related software components and that it made attempts to resolve the disputes before filing the actions.

Re: Microsoft Files Piracy Suits
Posted by: RobHarmer 2005-09-21 04:19:42 In reply to: Keith Regan
The real issue that organizations need to face up to is that it doesn't really matter how much the software behemoths lose, the real losers are the business and end-user organizations themselves in all the wasted time and effort their employees are engaging in when it comes to downloading software pirated copies, hacks, serial numbers, cracks, sound files, movie files and fonts.
All of these are prone to cause mega problems on an organizations systems and yet no one is focusing on the lack of ROI being generated by stupid behavior by employees and managers behaving badly.
By all means have a go at the reseller market and square away box delivered software that is done "under the counter" but when the focus turns to the C level execs who fail to budget, who sanction piracy/copying etc in the organization then the $ lost is many times over the industry figures being spoken of.
The real issue for Gates and Balmer is that they are NOT engaging the C level management in the manner they need to get them as allies in the game of countering the issues faced. Every time Gates and Balmer come up with a means to counter piracy by techno means the techno underworld finds a work around and they haven't failed yet.
Using technology solutions to solve what is a people based problem is NOT the answer. You need a sea change in attitude to overcome piracy in the workplace and the techno means on offer or being mooted just don't cut the rug. Why? The attitude issues that people have to the fact that software is "soft" and therefore it's free so here's your copy! It happens every day in every office all over the place and the number of burnt CDs/DVDs of music / movies done in business premises these days is very significant and management are not paying attention!
My tip is the movie and entertainment industry will become even more aggressive than the Microsoft's of the world when it comes to piracy clampdowns as they have mega millions to lose at the box office and DVD sales etc due to existing sloppy behavior and work practices in place on most sites.
Think it doesn't happen? Think again. When did you last not hear about "hey I've got a copy of xyz, would you like one too?" It's happening everywhere!
Using technology solutions to solve what is a people based problem is NOT the answer.
You need a seachange in attitude, which focuses directly on business basics and gets the business back on track to its real core activities and not wasting time and productivity!
Failing to do so places you at risk and its only a matter of time when sites IP addresses and Open Ports will be used to trace back into organizations street addresses and CEOs/directors/stakeholders.
There are tried and proven tactics that are used to conduct a raid using an Anton Pillar order and when this happens and these organizational sites are proven to have been lax enough to allow bad practices such as copying using corporate assets they are likely to be dragged through the courts for aiding and abetting the whole issue of piracy right across the board! The penalties for this by organization and by individual are very significant sums and yet they don't reflect the true cost of the whole affair that can be 4 to 5 times the published values when you add up all the costs!
Using technology solutions to solve what is a people based problem is NOT the answer.
Organizations need a seachange in attitude that starts at the very top and needs to be cascaded right down, through and across, making everyone accountable! It’s really very simple when you understand the basics, particularly when you start focusing on why you are really in business!
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