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Re: Survey: Fewer Small Companies Offer Health Plans
Posted by: Rachel Osterman 2005-09-16 05:14:17
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Fewer small businesses nationwide are offering health coverage as premium costs continue to climb. Released yesterday, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation annual survey of employers' health benefits found that for the first time in nearly a decade, less than half of businesses with nine or fewer workers offer health insurance. Among those small firms, 47 percent provided coverage in 2005, down from 58 percent in 2002 and 53 percent in 1996.

Re: Survey: Fewer Small Companies Offer Health Plans
Posted by: florwj 2005-09-16 05:27:58 In reply to: Rachel Osterman
It is un believable what insurance companies have done in this country. For a while back in the 90's when the federal government was making a lot of noise on the subject, cost's stabilized and increases flatened after a couple of years of double digit increases. Then for a while they alternated targeting big buisness one year and small buisness another year. Then I remember a story that came right out and said, they where targeting small buisnesses for the increases. In the last 4 years, my employer has changed health insurance providers and reduced company match. I consider myself lucky that I can still get insurance through my employer. However if an employer is planing to stay with a provider, they will face great introductory rates followed by a double digit increase (we have seen over %20). We have barely managed to keep it at %9-12 over the last 4 years by reducing coverages and increasing deductables as well as switching providers. The costs do not even include the amount of work that must go into shopping and switching.
Something must be done. At present my out of pocket per month is $843, for myself, a spouse and one child. My employer pays for 1/2 of the employee only.
If you shop it on your own, it really is not much better. The same deal applies, you get a good introductory rate, and the next year, wham.
It strikes me that someone should have to justify the costs in this market at some point, as it affects every american one way or another. By that I mean, we are all paying for those who are no longer fortunate enough to aford it in the form of additional costs to us.
perhaps that is why it keeps going up? The drop out rate and the battle to keep the profit margine flat ?
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