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Re: Online Advertisers Turning to Pay-Per-Call
Posted by: David Koenig 2005-09-11 18:19:07
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Pay-per-call advertising could be especially powerful for local businesses that have ignored the Internet, including those that don't even have a Web site, its advocates say. Like with pay-per-click, keywords are auctioned with pay-per-call, but instead of a link to click, the ad directs the user to the telephone. In one version, the user calls a special number that is forwarded to the advertiser's regular phone. In another, users type in their phone numbers and get a return call from the merchant. Either way, the advertiser is billed for the referral.

Re: Online Advertisers Turning to Pay-Per-Call
Posted by: joemas 2005-09-11 18:30:00 In reply to: David Koenig
You probably should let people know of the lack of development of ppc w/ ignacio (sp?) . I signed up about a year ago, they have very little web presence. There recent aol deal exposes them to low dollar purchasers. I requested a seperate category for IRS representation ( a very hot growing group of professionals ) , and they declined. They want to lump all CPA's under the same heading. Their thinking is archaic. When my $50. runs out, which is taking a while, I'm done. In the meantime I pay between 1K and 2K monthly to yahoo and google for adwords. If you do know when a GOOD ppc company will come on line please let me know. www.taxproblem.org
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