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Re: Monitoring Customer Service: Keep It Simple
Posted by: Robert L. Bailey 2007-01-03 05:52:05
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How can we know if customer service requirements are being met before it's too late -- when customers show their disapproval by moving to a competitor? Too often we make the job harder than it should be by using formalized techniques that simply don't work. The real experts in reading the pulse of customers are your own employees. They deal with customers every day. They know what customers like, and they know what customers dislike. Employees know right now what should be done to improve relationships with customers.

Re: Monitoring Customer Service: Keep It Simple
Posted by: cooper0 2007-01-03 06:02:31 In reply to: Robert L. Bailey
Your final paragraph is really the only important information in this entire article. It starts with the people on the front lines, the employees. The ones who are answering the phones, meeting with the clients. These people need to be met with first and get their opinions and thoughts and based on that initial feedback, you can start putting together a proper plan of what changes need to be made.
Also, you forgot to mention actually talking to your customers? I don't care if you are the CEO or not, call your biggest 20 customers and hear from the horses mouth what they like and what the do not like. Even if they are an unhappy customer, they will respect you for talking to them.
I think your article went way over simple to be honest. You want simple, forget about R&D, focus groups, and everything else you mentioned. Start with an open dialog with your employees and your customers. Then you back that up with some good analytics on what is happening on your web site and your call centers. What is your customer experience like and what is working and what is not? That will provide more information than you can get anywhere else.
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