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Microsoft announced a number of artificial intelligence, mixed reality and customer insights tools for Microsoft Dynamics 365 at its Microsoft Business Forward event in Paris. There is "a lot of hype around AI and MR, but these are real applications delivering value to customers today" noted Rebecca Wettemann, vice president of research at Nucleus Research. "Microsoft's advantage is its decades of investment in R&D across its portfolio, which it's bringing to bear on its business applications portfolio."

As further explanation to my quotes above, I'd like to add that it's critical to consider incorporating an antifraud element into a platform like Microsoft Dynamics 365. I'm not sure if this is something already available to their users, but even augmenting the platform with a solution that can quickly leverage its data to enable a digital trust and safety strategy would help reduce fraud and boost revenue. Connecting user data to third party fraud prevention tools lets you better leverage this strategy and at scale.
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