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Re: Real Human Interactions Beat Automation, Survey Says
Posted by: David Jones 2017-11-14 10:20:31
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Customers prefer human interactions to interactive voice response systems or other automated customer service offerings, according to a new report from B2B ratings firm Clutch. Businesses need to move carefully when outsourcing customer service operations, the research also suggested, because there are big differences depending on how familiar reps are with the local language, how close they reside, and whether the customer can figure out the company's relationship to the service provider in a short amount of time.

Re: Real Human Interactions Beat Automation, Survey Says
Posted by: LawrenceWhite 2018-07-20 03:13:42 In reply to: David Jones
I have been wondering about the FTC and Do Not Call List for some time now. Obviously it wasn't/isn't working and now I know why. The write my essay robot calls are down at my house - maybe because my carrier has recently stepped in to stop them (per 2019 ECC rules change)? Let's hope so!

Re: Real Human Interactions Beat Automation, Survey Says
Posted by: Condor2Fly 2017-11-18 15:15:31 In reply to: David Jones
What a revelation! The money was well spent on this study. I always assumed that when people called a company's customer service number with a problem, they preferred not to be connected right away with a real human, but instead to be sent into an automated system where they have to press "2" for English, and then listen to a robotic voice slowly list up to eight options and the key to press for each. And if by luck one of the options sounded on track, to be then taken into a couple additional sub-menus of options to select. Oh, and to never be given the option to speak with a live customer service rep.
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