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Re: Customer Experience Is Everyone's Department
Posted by: Christopher J. Bucholtz 2015-07-14 07:24:55
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Customer experience is more than the experience of trading money for a product or a service. It's the experience leading up to that, and the experience customers have with what they've purchased, all the way until they stop using it. Why is it, then, that the concept of "customer experience" seems to exist primarily in the marketing department? Marketing can take a customer up to the start of the sales process, and then later encourage repeat business and renewals -- but marketing is but a small part of what makes an experience.

Re: Customer Experience Is Everyone's Department
Posted by: Lisa M 2015-07-14 07:53:59 In reply to: Christopher J. Bucholtz
Very well said Christopher. A company-wide focus on customer experience starts from the top down and from the outside in.

One of the key components of any hiring decision should be empathy. Empathy for the customer and having their best interest at the center of everything an employee does. Once hired, the employee must also feel empowered by management to step outside the confines of company rules when necessary to do what's right for the customer.

Also, customer experience is not just about the human to human interaction but every component of the business that the customer interacts with. If the online sign-up process of a SaaS provider is confusing and the total price of services is not shown, the user experience is not a good one.

We must never forget that EVERY interaction is an opportunity to wow our prospects and customers.
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