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Re: The Terrifying Numbers Behind a Whopping Marketing Failure
Posted by: Christopher J. Bucholtz 2014-11-18 02:29:44
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There are lots of scary things out there -- killer viruses, Earth-smashing meteors, the possibility of yet another Real Housewives show. But those are easy to dismiss and push to the farthest corner of the back of your mind. What's really distressing? Numbers. Numbers are really scary -- specifically, the numbers around things marketers know they should be doing but aren't. The numbers are particularly chilling around failure to implement lead scoring, a method that takes advantage of marketing automation and uses data and customer behavior to prioritize leads.

We did a recent survey of Marketing Automation Users and found that lead scoring was more prevalent in companies with greater than 5,000 employees. What's interesting to me is that you'd think smaller companies have an easier time getting the necessary alignment between sales and marketing to create a successful scoring process. Maybe it's just a question of resources - which larger companies usually have - to hire the right people to build a lead scoring system.
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