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Re: 5 Ways Social CRM Builds Indirect Channel Relationships
Posted by: Christopher J. Bucholtz 2014-06-30 05:18:01
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The concept of social CRM has been around so long now that, if you listen to the pundits, we should stop saying it and just include it as part of CRM. That assumes most companies have fully digested what "social" means and have made plans to use it effectively -- which is assuming a lot. That said, there's another area where social media needs to be incorporated: partner relationship management. Almost 70 percent of all sales are made through the indirect channel, sold to end customers by resellers, distributors, consultants, partners and VARs.

Re: 5 Ways Social CRM Builds Indirect Channel Relationships
Posted by: Maximizer CRM 2014-06-30 05:18:16 In reply to: Christopher J. Bucholtz
Great article Christopher, your five ways Social CRM can help build Indirect Channel Relationships are spot on!

Being a channel-centric organisation at Maximizer Software EMEA we really value our channel partners and in today’s business environment we can’t ignore Social Media when developing the partner programme. As you say, it comes with many challenges, but if implemented in phases and with the right strategy in place the benefits to all parties (customers, channel partners and the vendors) can be enormous. By embedding social media in our partner programme, marketing and CRM strategy we obtained tangible results across many areas. Greater market awareness, increased number of leads, better cooperation in closing deals, improved customer response time and satisfaction, faster and targeted partner recruitment, etc…
One key consideration though is that channel partners are people and not just a virtual entity to manage via social media. So a traditional engagement approach is still vital to build strong, trustworthy and profitable relationships with your Indirect Channel.

Diego Lunardi
Maximizer CRM
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