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Re: Give Customers a Buying Experience They Can't Resist
Posted by: Christopher J. Bucholtz 2014-02-03 23:42:04
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When people talk about the customer experience, the thinking gets lofty quickly. The word "delight" is dropped a lot, people cite things like the American Girl Store or Nordstrom -- and soon over-the-top seems like what the norm should be. The experiences provided by the very best at creating experiences are great because they fit their product, their customers, and the objectives of both groups. But what if you're just buying a screen door, or a car battery, or lumber? What you want from your experience is the easiest transaction possible.

Re: Give Customers a Buying Experience They Can't Resist
Posted by: Maximizer CRM 2014-02-21 08:36:05 In reply to: Christopher J. Bucholtz
Enjoyed the post. One really common mistake when selecting CRM is the propensity for service to be overlooked. Businesses want to sell to new customers and generate new leads, not nurture existing customers and delight them with a great experience.

I think this is a really crucial aspect to miss, as retaining customers is a lot cheaper and easier than attaining new ones.

Id always ensure a CRM system comes with adequate service provision functionality to create a ferociously loyal customer base and easy cross and up-sell abilities.

Andrew Heriot
Maximizer CRM
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