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Re: 3 Ways Corporate Culture can Crush CRM
Posted by: Christopher J. Bucholtz 2013-11-12 16:43:00
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CRM technology often gets blamed for the failure of customer initiatives -- and sometimes it's deserved. In many cases, though, the technology works exactly as advertised -- as far as technology can work. Still, CRM is a discipline, not a technology -- the technology merely helps business scale up the discipline. For that reason, the people and the processes around CRM are as vital to its success as any software your company may purchase. That human element always introduces a degree of uncertainty to the mix.

Re: 3 Ways Corporate Culture can Crush CRM
Posted by: Maximizer CRM 2013-11-29 07:56:26 In reply to: Christopher J. Bucholtz
Really enjoyed this article – thanks Chris!

Getting CRM right as a theory first before implementing it as software is a must. However selecting the right CRM software will also allow the theory to be successful in the long term – leading to a closer more cohesive business process.

If a CRM system’s sales, marketing and customer service functions integrate well with each other, it encourages an ethos of departmental communication and opens up profitable new business processes via the shared use of data each department creates.

Matt Ranger
Maximizer CRM
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