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Re: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sharpens Social Skills
Posted by: Erika Morphy 2013-10-22 12:29:06
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Microsoft on Monday announced the availability of its latest version of Dynamics CRM along with a new partnership with InsideView that adds social intelligence capabilities to the CRM system. Available for purchase starting Oct. 31, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 offers a number of new features and capabilities, including new templates for certain workflows and work processes, noted Bill Patterson, senior director for product and strategy with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Karya Technologies
Posted by: karyatechnologies 2013-10-30 01:26:31 In reply to: Erika Morphy
Microsoft Dynamics CRM social capabilities let your business engage with your customers, analyze and collaborate with them. It will take the relationship between you and your customers more closer and bring human touch in your business.

Re: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sharpens Social Skills
Posted by: marktamis 2013-10-22 12:49:38 In reply to: Erika Morphy
This is an excellent extension to Dynamics CRM.

A concern that I would have is as a Salesperson, I would consider my address book as my just that; personal. Will the synched contacts be kept in the system and will I be able to extract them when I move to my next employer. Without a fundamental insight into what happens to this data, I would think twice about importing.

Another question that springs to mind is whether we're able to combine the networks of multiple Salespersons so as to use them for wolfpack strategies.

In all though I think this is a great extension!
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