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Re: Sales-Marketing Misalignment Hamstrings CRM
Posted by: Christopher J. Bucholtz 2013-09-27 06:36:21
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Talk to any sales or marketing consultant, and you'll probably get an earful about "sales-marketing misalignment." This chronic conflict between sales and marketing is the single dumbest reason that otherwise worthy businesses struggle. The classic symptoms: Sales spends a lot of time prospecting because it doesn't trust the leads marketing hands over; marketing complains about the sales team's inability to close the leads it hands over; and both sides have a near-pathological aversion to actually talking to each other about this disconnect.

Re: Sales-Marketing Misalignment Hamstrings CRM
Posted by: Anita_Holley 2013-10-04 07:14:27 In reply to: Christopher J. Bucholtz
This is a great article, highlighting the need for businesses to bridge the gap between the marketing and sales team, in order to provide a seamless lead nurturing experience that boost sales and improves the customer experience. CRM is an effective tool for measuring how warm leads are and evaluating the impact of the marketing communications used to target contacts, but to really streamline marketing and sales activities, your CRM needs to be in sync with marketing automation software. Our new add-on Maximizer CRM: HubSpot Connector, for example, synchronises marketing and sales data, turning detailed marketing metrics into targeted information that sales teams can use to shorten the sales cycle.

Anita Holley, Head of Marketing, EMEA Maximizer Software

Re: Sales-Marketing Misalignment Hamstrings CRM
Posted by: sandhyaramesh 2013-09-27 06:43:36 In reply to: Christopher J. Bucholtz
What a wonderful article! CRM is supposed to be a unifying technology, indeed. One of the simple (from a customer point of view) solutions to prevent sales and marketing being at war is having marketing inbuilt with the CRM itself, dont' you think? This way, everyone has clear access to all the data, preventing the situation you described. Agile CRM (where I work) integrates marketing automation with the CRM, providing automatic lead scoring via marketing campaigns as well. Such a system greatly reduces the disconnect between leads/lead scoring/lead conversion mechanisms, and marketing. It also makes people function independently, while being aware of others' actions- probably something that is easier for folks than being forced to work together, eh?
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