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Re: The Customer Service Disaster Domino Theory
Posted by: Christopher J. Bucholtz 2013-08-29 11:20:46
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In examining airplane crashes, investigators often discover that it's not one thing that causes the disaster. It's a chain of interrelated things that go wrong: A mechanical failure or weather event can elicit the wrong reaction from the pilot, which worsens the initial problem and starts a sequence of events that can end very badly. The same is true of customer service meltdowns. Often, they are not failures of CRM exclusively -- they result from weaknesses throughout the organization that trigger a chain of events that can lead to a disaster.

Re: The Customer Service Disaster Domino Theory
Posted by: davenewman 2013-08-29 11:23:54 In reply to: Christopher J. Bucholtz
An example of a customer service disaster, just look below this article. Instead of encouraging people to spread the news, there is a link to a copyright agency which charges for every possible use of this opinion piece, even in schools.

That might make sense for large reports, but is ridiculous for a short opinion piece. By applying the same system to both types of article, this alienates readers of ecommercetimes, and reduces recomendations to puchase from them.

Re: The Customer Service Disaster Domino Theory
Posted by: Ric_Kern 2013-08-29 12:45:16 In reply to: davenewman

ECT News appreciates your feedback!

We’d like to point out that there’s a link at the bottom of every page on ECT News Network under Reader Services titled Linking Policy that takes users to this page: http://www.ectnews.com/about/link-to-us.xhtml.

Our linking policy is generous because we understand that it is important to help our readers to make others aware of our content. There is no charge to share our headlines and 100 words of any article.

Some individuals and organizations need to reproduce our articles in their entirety, for a variety of reasons. The link to Copyright Clearance Center provides a truly affordable and legal way to reproduce articles in full. Our pricing structures provide many options and are extremely competitive.

Your comment mentioned schools. Our permissions department commonly grants students who need to use an article for a class assignment permission to do so, free of charge. However, if a for-profit educational institution would like to include our content as part of a coursework package, it’s normally understood that a royalty fee is in order.

Thank you for taking the time to get this discussion started. We hope you will continue to visit ECT News Network.

Best Wishes,

Ric Kern
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