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Re: No One's Better at Wrecking CRM Than the CEO
Posted by: Christopher J. Bucholtz 2012-11-19 08:46:47
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I love CRM as a discipline, but I have no illusions about its ability to survive in the cruel world. The reality is that customer relationships are fragile things; they need the right environment to flourish and be profitable. There are a host of things that can scuttle these relationships, and most of them are entirely out of the control of the person tasked with CRM. They span the company from top to bottom, and they demand the attention of the most senior executives if they are to be handled properly.

Re: No One's Better at Wrecking CRM Than the CEO
Posted by: JPNarowski 2012-11-19 09:47:20 In reply to: Christopher J. Bucholtz
I think this is an interesting point. While youíre most likely right that saying the ďwrongĒ things at Ryan Air is probably intentional, it seems surprising that more companies donít deeply consider these implications. I, myself, am a CEO - but of a CRM company I founded. Iíve made it my lifeís work to give solutions to other companies looking for customer relationship/service assistance. Itís definitely good advice to look beyond the software solution youíve chosen for CRM. While itís commonly known that even the best technology wonít be beneficial unless it is user friendly and accessible, the best technology also canít do anything to overcome the wrong messages or statements once theyíre out there. So if youíve decided to do everything possible to improve the function and reputation of your company with your customers, donít do yourself a disservice and neglect the obvious, which are completely within your control. Make sure every statement your company puts out there, whether by a customer service rep or by your CEO, is consistent and complementary.
John Paul Narowski, Founder - KarmaCRM
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