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Re: Tools for Crafting Social CRM Connections
Posted by: Vivian Wagner 2012-07-10 14:02:43
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Financial site Adaptu serves people in all stages of life, from young people just establishing themselves, getting married and buying a home, to more mature investors planning for their children's educations or their own retirement dreams.
"Some of these people are open to talking about their financial troubles or dreams in public, while others like to be more quiet about their decisions," said Jenna Forstrom, Adaptu's community manager.

Re: Tools for Crafting Social CRM Connections
Posted by: PatrickDorseyAvectra 2012-07-20 08:18:03 In reply to: Vivian Wagner
Acknowledging the evolution of the traditional customer to a more social customer is the smart choice yet one that some companies still resist. They fear losing control of the conversation with social media. How to get past that fear? Embrace these online conversations. If more companies realize they can easily respond to and track the value of social media interactions, customers would be better served all around. Advice to companies who havenít yet: Start with one of the reputable tools for listening to conversations in real-time to develop a sense of customer sentiment and opinions. Then engage with customers to create the highly valued personalized experiences. With help from analytics youíll be on your way to making sense of their social media efforts and developing your own best practices.

Re: Tools for Crafting Social CRM Connections
Posted by: Danielyhkim88 2012-07-14 11:32:24 In reply to: Vivian Wagner
As an employee of GreenRope, I have seen the benefits that CRM integration can offer to a business, large or small. As technology advancements force businesses to collect and manage customer data, there must be a focus on the specific strategy taken to optimize the connections that can be made through social CRM.
Also, as globalization increases the interconnectedness and communication between international businesses, CRM integration will be a key factor when establishing and maintaining your brand on the international market.
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