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Re: Fixing a Fundamentally Flawed Marketing-to-Sales Process
Posted by: Lisa Cramer 2011-05-24 04:16:32
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It's long been discussed that marketing and sales need to "get along." But the reality is that marketing and sales actually need to work smoothly together along a defined lead management process. The lack of this cooperation costs companies more than wasted leads. It increases sales costs and reduces revenue growth. I'm not suggesting that sales and marketing can become best friends, nor am I even suggesting that there's no friction at all between them. However, it's apparent that the legacy marketing-to-sales process most companies have let evolve is flawed.

Should a CRM solution be separated?
Posted by: Bob_Zabiyaka 2011-05-30 05:29:20 In reply to: Lisa Cramer
Lisa, I want to thank you for this topic. As for me, you have really distinct and clear vision of this problem. Could you please help me with understanding the role and functions of the CRM solution. You are talking about your solution that delivers full visibility into the lead-generation and qualification process. And then you talk about integration with a CRM solution.
I used to think that CRM is about service, marketing and sales. Therefore I didnít get the point of separating CRM and the other solution for marketers, since marketers can qualify a lead right in CRM solution.
Could you please explain this point. Thnx!

P.S. I do agree with you about process consistency. Since even having all the data in one place still doesnít guarantee that employees will perform under the same process.

Fixing the Marketing-to-Sales Process
Posted by: OpenCRM 2011-05-24 04:50:09 In reply to: Lisa Cramer
There are so many tools available to capture as many leads as possible - capturing data from social media sites automatically for example. It is easy to be swept along this tide in the hope of gaining valuable data. But quality will reign over quantity at any time and it will help sales and marketing get along. Without using a system that tracks the quality, source and status of leads you will be swamped with low quality data and your workforce won't be smiling.
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