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Re: RFID: Simple Concept Hobbled by Daunting Complexity
Posted by: Barnaby J. Feder 2004-11-21 15:28:54
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Like investing or hitting a tennis ball, using radio scanners to wirelessly identify consumer products seems simple in concept, but in reality, it is dauntingly complex. The current form of the decades-old technology, now known as radio frequency identification, or RFID, has three building blocks: small tags built around microchips that carry a digital identification code; scanners, which are also known as readers; and networking hardware and software to link scanners to computer databases.

Re: RFID: Simple Concept Hobbled by Daunting Complexity
Posted by: 480c54h 2004-11-21 15:42:58 In reply to: Barnaby J. Feder
This article identifies the primary value of RFID to be "smart shelves" which hasn't worked . . . yet (not ready for prime time). There is no reason that one could not have point-of-sale scanning (bar codes) tied to inventory and replenish based upon sales. The issue is that most retailers choose not to do so.
RFID at the item level is simply a "common" anti-theft EAS system and a system to serve as the trigger so that the ERP companies can finally sell their re-engineering services that they have been trying to sell since the 90s.
RFID is BETTER than bar codes at the case, pallet, RTI, and freight container levels. It is simply EAS at the item level.
The Emperor has no clothes.
Craig K. Harmon
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