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Re: The Failure of Commerce One
Posted by: Jessica Guynn and George Avalos 2004-10-31 05:12:22
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Commerce One CEO Mark Hoffman was on a roll four years ago when he jetted into Las Vegas to host thousands of people at a giddy convention at the Bellagio Hotel. He plugged his company's zooming sales, Fortune 500 customers and a major partnership with German software giant SAP. At the time, the continued ascent of the company, then based in Pleasanton, seemed a safe wager. But the odds were against him in September when Hoffman, 57, returned to Vegas to ask a skeptical investor to take a big risk.

Re: The Failure of Commerce One
Posted by: heron 2004-11-02 08:46:05 In reply to: Jessica Guynn and George Avalos
I used to work for AppNet. The author of this article insinuates that it was AppNet which was the albatross around C1's neck. Precisely the opposite was true.
They restricted who we could sell to. They severly limited our staff and up until the time I left (voluntarily) we were STILL the only profitable portion of the company. What killed C1 was not AppNet. What killed C1 was the myopic vision of one Mark Hoffman and that is the plain truth of it. Anyone who tells you different is a damn liar, or woefully misinformed.
Later, GJC
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