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Re: Is Your Company Chatterizeable?
Posted by: Denis Pombriant 2010-04-13 08:17:47
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One of's challenges in driving Chatter's acceptance comes from positioning it for the buying public. That's a tall order since the company is simultaneously trying to establish a new product and its category. The product and the category are classified as social networking and leverage the wisdom of crowds -- James Surowiecki's idea. But Chatter is unlike any of the products that may help a group come up with the answer to a quantitative question of the type, How many jellybeans are in this jar?

Chatter Adoption
Posted by: emschles 2010-04-13 08:23:21 In reply to: Denis Pombriant
Clearly, the most adept group of users [students] will benefit from Chatter; as will the universities that seek their interest and participation through out the ’student life cycle’. And, that may be how successfully rolls Chatter out to the ‘buying public’.

Put Chatter and ALL the features of the platform in the hands of the users who REALLY KNOW HOW TO USE THEM …. and, it will fly. Those students eventually become entry level employees; then managers; and, maybe even the CEO of a disruptive technology firm … you see where I’m going with this !!!

But lets deal with the here and now first. Imagine the power of Chatter for Students (and Higher Ed in general) – who can now share; classes, study groups, assignment projects, social interests, curricula, career aspirations and experiences, content, research; join common groups as members of specific Colleges, departments, upperclassmen, Freshman, Sophomores, frats, sororities …. in a SECURE environment that is flexible enough for personalization; all while taking advantage of a common security and data model. And, because the interface is familiar – the learning curve is about a half a minute !!!

And what about those student graduates? Now they can have a shared platform so they can stay connected to their Alma mater and each other and all those wonderful experiences they had in school. Keeping those ‘memories’ fresh, relevant and alive will insure benefits to the individuals and the institution (think Fund Raising, Career Development).

Students are the ideal group of users to unleash the powerful combinations of diversity, independence and decentralization and positioning the platform for the buying public.
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