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Re: Job Outsourcing? No Crisis Here
Posted by: Daniel W. Drezner 2004-10-04 09:40:40
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John Kerry is making the outsourcing of jobs by American companies a centerpiece of his campaign, telling audiences that "because of George Bush's wrong choices, this country is continuing to ship good jobs overseas." President Bush's team has in turn accused the senator of hypocrisy, noting that many of Kerry's supporters in the business world run companies that are sending jobs offshore. Yet as each side angles for votes, neither is addressing the real issue: Is the outsourcing of jobs a problem? The answer, surprisingly, is no.

Yet anothet shot of fake propaganda
Posted by: spm 2004-10-04 10:34:48 In reply to: Daniel W. Drezner
Mr. Drezner
You are just repeating the same stuff as the standard corporate propaganda, without taking your time to think about them by yourself.
I do understand that thinking it is not the easyest task in the world. But keep in mind that there are milions of educated peoples in India
willing to take your job and do more thinking than you do.
Well, here is the reality:
- When you outsource (or loose because automation) jobs with lower education requirements, you can get the peoples back in school to give them higher or cutting edge skills in order to find a better job.
When you outsource jobs with higher degree and cutting edge skills what in the world are you going to do with the peoples already at the top of education?
And why is anyone willing to waste years and money to get a BS,MS or PhD. if with this skills they will be payed less than a burger flipper at BurgerKing? The outsourcing will generate a next generation of uneducated, dump people.
- The reason for moving jobs offshore is to employ cheaper workforce than here. Any product that can be done in China will be cheaper than the similar one made in US since they pay only 33c/h instead of $10/h. The only way US can stay on the market is to be able to innovate new technology. However, today the jobs that can create new technology are send to India. The technological transfer betwen India to China
will be faster than before since they are neighbors. US is to be eliminated from the market. The US will not be back in business until the salary here will be lower than in China(33c/h). And of course, unless China, here is no universal health insurance and social security expire in a couple of weeks. With 33c/h and 800$/months health insurance are you going to afford it?
- The US economy will colapse after a couple of years in which the current middle class sell the real estates they own for food.
- The US will be polarized into 2 category:
- 90% as starving poor
- 10% as ultra rich that own everything
- 0% as middle class to provide social stability
The saddest part is that GAO gave in the dirty political game with this kind of report.
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They are revolutionary tools for solving problems facing humanity.
They won't change the world, but they have many practical, beneficial applications.
There's a danger that humans will lose control of AI and there will be grave consequences.
Some of their so-called big accomplishments, such as beating humans at games, are trivial and overhyped.
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