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Re: Workforce Management: Beyond Time and Attendance
Posted by: John K. Higgins 2009-11-07 03:12:14
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In both the best and worst of economic times, worker productivity is a major management goal. Making sure that employees efficiently carry out their tasks is critical to the success of both government and business enterprises. First, of course, the workers have to show up. Keeping track of employee attendance is no small task, but far too often it is conducted by somewhat primitive manual procedures that are inefficient themselves. As a result, the incidence of workers cheating on their hours is still a major issue for employers.

Re: Workforce Management: Beyond Time and Attendance
Posted by: ChrisMaldini 2015-07-07 11:26:44 In reply to: John K. Higgins
Nice write-up, John. I agree - with employers increasingly concerned about better personnel management the time for time and attendance programs has come. Are there are workforce software applications out there that you'd recommend? Thanks for sharing.

- Chris

Employee Scheduling for Business Productivity
Posted by: JonAdmin 2010-03-17 19:22:14 In reply to: John K. Higgins
This is a great article and business productivity can certainly be enhanced with employee scheduling software. If interested, you could check out http://helloscheduling.com. It will satisfy most of the requirements mentioned in this article (but it's new software and not as well established as the other companies listed).

Virtual Time Clock Software
Posted by: Time Clock Software Guy 2010-02-19 18:09:13 In reply to: John K. Higgins
I'm disappointed you didn't mention Virtual TimeClock from Redcort Software. We've been developing, selling and supporting time & attendance software for Mac since 1986, making us the oldest and best selling time clock software available for Macs! http://www.redcort.com/timeclock/
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