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Re: Taking 'Softer' Issues Seriously
Posted by: Diane Stresing 2004-07-02 07:54:07
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What do the most successful CRM implementations have in common? In a global survey designed to find out, IBM Business Consulting Services (BCS) learned that the factors that most impact a project's success are not necessarily the obvious, big-ticket items. The survey, which identified the 16 most critical drivers of successful CRM implementations, said that while technology systems and data integration are important, key pieces on the softer side of CRM implementations seem to make the most difference. It also showed that in nearly 75 percent of companies, ownership of CRM is in the "wrong" place.

Re: Taking 'Softer' Issues Seriously
Posted by: Christopher Carfi - Cerado, Inc. 2004-07-02 08:02:39 In reply to: Diane Stresing
It was interesting to me that the definition of "CRM success" was not actually defined in the article, although it would appear that it may have been measured by "user adoption of the system." The eye-opening thing for me was that not one of the success metrics mentioned "the customer." Interesting, isn't it?
I agree that the softer issues (process change, strategy) are key drivers to user adoption, much more than the technology itself is. But I would also strongly argue that "CRM success" should be measured on the improvements *from the customer's point of view*, rather than how many users within the organization adopt the system.
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