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Re: Outsourcing Customer Satisfaction
Posted by: Elizabeth Millard 2004-04-26 09:09:07
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As part of cost-cutting measures, more companies are offshoring their tech-support divisions. Customers of companies like Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, AOL and Dell regularly route their calls to overseas help desks, often located in India. Although training is available for these offshore personnel, many customers have grown unhappy with the communication issues that arise across continents, sparking a backlash that threatens to worsen. Given these difficulties, is overseas tech support worth the cost savings it can generate?

Re: Outsourcing Customer Satisfaction
Posted by: volare340 2004-04-26 10:22:07 In reply to: Elizabeth Millard
The backlash is already at work in my household. When I pay hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for technology and I look for assistance, I expect that the person on the other end of the line has at least my skill level (I'm no techie) and communication ability. I'm already frustrated when I call; now I have to explain and re-explain and repeat everything three times to someone in a time zone 12 hours away and on top of that, if their name is really Joe, then I'm Elvis Presley? Not for long. Make it overseas, fine, but service it here. I'll pay more, just communicate with me better.
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