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Re: Crazy Bad Luck for Casino ATM Customers
Posted by: Eric Gershon 2008-10-08 12:55:42
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The Las Vegas company that mistakenly double-cashed more than 10,000 casino customer checks worth millions of dollars on Aug. 30 has struck again. This time, ATMs operated by lobal Cash Access deducted money from thousands of bank accounts -- without dispensing any cash. "We're aghast that this has happened," said Scott Betts, president and chief executive of Global Cash, which provides check-cashing and ATM services for casinos nationwide, including Foxwoods Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun.

Re: Crazy Bad Luck for Casino ATM Customers
Posted by: stevenb123 2009-08-28 22:05:55 In reply to: Eric Gershon
Hope everyone who has a problem with this company calls Mr. Betts you know the "aghast one".

Hope i can resolve my situation and not spend 24-7 on being ten thousand and one. I have been told they will not take my calls. I will update all on what happens. Waiting to here what happens before I contace CNN and my local paper.

Check out www.ripoffreport.com

Re: Crazy Bad Luck for Casino ATM Customers
Posted by: jackhenry 2010-03-19 10:25:47 In reply to: stevenb123
Note: Casino ATM victims can post their experience on a casino industry blog site to have their voice heard by casino operators and regulators.

Not taking my calls
Posted by: stevenb123 2009-08-28 21:53:41 In reply to: Eric Gershon
Called Mr Betts and they would not put me through. How aghast. I am on it now big time.

Looking into how they screwed me
Posted by: stevenb123 2009-08-28 21:29:18 In reply to: Eric Gershon
Thought I was crazy but my account is over drawn again because of them. I will stop at nothing to expose them. Please call me and give me an update. I am looking into my bank account and going to look at the records. I know they ripped me off just not sure how much yet. Thanks for being bold and helping people like me.

Drawing up a class action suit
Posted by: lynng 2008-10-28 18:03:52 In reply to: Eric Gershon
I had this same thing happen to me, where i tried to draw 300$ from my account, then it froze, gave an error code and proceeded to tell me i would NOT be charged for that transaction. however i immediately tried the machine next to it, and got an insufficient funds message, because i had been charged. I proceeded to call them and complain and they said i needed to fill out a section E at my bank. I did so, they credited me, and now they are taking it back, because the ATM does not show any record of an error.

If you, or someone you know has had this happen to you, please contact me with information like dates, how much, and if you still have the receipts that would be awesome. i'm preparing to file a class action law suit against their company for theft and punitive damages.

i can be reached at lizzylo_07@hotmail.com.

thank you,
Lynn Gerred

Posted by: RGBUSKUS 2008-10-20 08:55:04 In reply to: Eric Gershon
tried to withdraw US$300.00 from an ATM at Fourwinds Casino on Sept. 13,2008 4 times to no avail. I had to write a check out to get cash. There was a major storm during that day all the machines were down .My bank credited me on sept 17th and now they took it back on 10/17 saying that i got my money. I call fourwinds they gave me gobal cash # 800-644-0439 they told me that the atm balanced I said well i did not get the cash so what does this mean i loss $300.00 This is a crock what kind of resource do I have to get my money. someone please help me

They screwed me too.
Posted by: stevenb123 2009-08-28 21:32:45 In reply to: RGBUSKUS
Let me know how I can help. I have been double charged by this company. Not sure how many time now but looking into it. We need to get on it and not quit. My name is Steven please call me 954-765-0794

Global Cash Access Thieves
Posted by: Laura222 2008-11-08 02:08:14 In reply to: RGBUSKUS
This exact thing happened to me and the bank just took the money back out of my account on the 4th of November. I've been on the phone with Global Cash who said the atm's balanced. I've tried to reopen the claim with my bank with the new information including the article written by Eric Gershon on the 21sth of September. They are still saying they can't help me. Please contact me if you had any luck and who you had to speak to. They've stolen nearly $450 from me and I want it back. lauraholmes@msn.com

law suit
Posted by: lynng 2008-10-28 18:06:02 In reply to: RGBUSKUS
please contact me, i'd like to get a law suit going, this same thing happened to me.

include me please
Posted by: Meezy 2009-01-23 10:47:52 In reply to: lynng
Please include me in this as well, I am also the victim of the same incident and I have been thrown in circles by Global Cash Access and the Connecticut Community Credit Union over this. I was told by Claudia - Agent # 1888 employed at GCA that the ATM machine did not balance and it showed in my favor and the money would be returned to my account soon, the money was put in my account at the Credit Union and recently it was removed. I called GCA back and they told me that my Regulation E complaint was denied. I yelled until I got a supervisor on the line and he told me that the agent I spoke with was misinformed and incorrect. He told me she does not work for the proper department to have that knowledge (WTF?) He then tried to place blame on Mohegan Sun and told me that they are the ones who investigate the atm jams. I spoke to the investigations department at Mohegan Sun and they do no such thing. GCA is lying through their teeth and you can also find similar scams on this site www.ripoffreport.com pertaining to GCA's ATM theft scam. I would like to be a part of a class action lawsuit if there is one commenced. Thank you.

Global Cash Access
Posted by: stevenb123 2009-08-28 21:37:24 In reply to: Meezy
We all need to join hands and get them exposed. My name is Steven. Please call me 954-765-0794
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