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CRM System Recommendations
Posted by: CLauver 2004-04-14 09:18:51
I am currently researching CRM systems. We have a very old Maximizer program in the sales department. I have Act 2000. The technical support people and the front office have a homegrown something. Needless to say, we are not efficient or coordinated in our efforts.
I have looked into Maximizer, GoldMine, MAS 90's CRM, and the Microsoft CRM -- all of which seem great, but strange as it may seem...response from a sales person is simply nonexistent.
I have been trying for days to talk to a live human being regarding my "wish list of features" and to determine if integration with our current accounting program is possible. These are issues beyond the information I have found their respective web sites.
I work for a relatively small company...25 employees...and perhaps the user base (10+ to begin) is just too small.
Any suggestions?

Re: CRM System Recommendations
Posted by: SalesChain 2004-07-23 05:27:37 In reply to: CLauver
Customer Service is what we are all about.
I am interested in your "Wish list".
SalesChain is built to automate your manual processes. SalesChain is 98% Customizable to serve any vertical. We just chose to do Capital Equipment/Finance first.
Getting started is easy, and I am available to do a web demonstration.

Re: CRM System Recommendations
Posted by: SalesChain 2004-07-22 12:19:58 In reply to: CLauver
It is my pleasure to introduce you to SalesChain a Customer Base Management & Sales Automation toolset developed exclusively for Capital Equipment Dealers.
Key features of our product and services include:
-Importation of customer, contract, asset, service and usage history from OMD, e-Automate, LaCrosse and others back end accounting systems.
-Web based application service provides secure access to your critical customer data over the internet
-A scalable and certain N+1 data center facility to ensure maximum accessibility and up-time
-Advanced lease portfolio management including the importation of in-house and third-party finance company data
-Advanced workflow automation including:
-Standardized sales follow up activities
-Lease termination alert(s) with staged action plan
-Automated email and letter campaigns
-“Rules-based” automated assignment of leads and customer accounts to sales representatives
-Enterprise wide access to a shared document library
-Collaborative task management with tracking capabilities
-Management reporting tools with granular view of marketing and sales activities
-Integrated document imaging system
SalesChain combines your critical data sources and systems to create a centralized and secure knowledge base of critical data and delivers a "Total Customer View".
The "Total Customer View" empowers your sales reps and administrative resources to access critical customer data with the click of a mouse button. What separates us from other CRM and SFA providers is our approach and understanding of our industry! The three components to our offering include a state of the art software technology application, on-going training and motivation (SalesChain University) and Admin-On-Demand, an intelligent set of hands at your service.
For more information please visit us on the web or call:
(203) 262-1611x12

Re: CRM System Recommendations
Posted by: TomCS 2004-07-09 07:14:24 In reply to: CLauver
Why not try http://www.cliksoftware.com and their Business Management CRM software?

Re: CRM System Recommendations
Posted by: ephendriks 2004-04-15 08:13:02 In reply to: CLauver
- if you have java programmer skills at hand, Compiere (www.compiere.org)is open source and might give a good growthpath to specific needs.
- if you have no programming skills or a all-microsoft based IT (MS office, windows 2003 server etc), I have good experience with the Microsoft line. CRM needs one or two releases more to be really integrated with the 2003-line of products. Small Business Server 2003 is a great product for a company this size, offers it all except CRM. But if MS manages to do integrate MS CRM more, it will be a very complete and flexible SMB kit (it takes MS usually 3 versions but in the end it is a good product)
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