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Re: Driving Sales With Compensation Management
Posted by: Gretchen Duhaime 2008-01-07 13:37:04
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Incentive compensation is often the first place where management makes adjustments in efforts to improve sales productivity. Many organizations have departed from the straight commission model in favor of plans that prompt the sales force to target high-profit deals. However, when a salesperson is paid a flat percentage of top-line revenue, it is easy to project what the commission check will be and plan accordingly. Straight commission plans are also less burdensome for the back-office staff to administer.

Technologies Role
Posted by: MaJuarez 2011-03-31 13:24:50 In reply to: Gretchen Duhaime
Not only do I feel technology should be included in the programs deployment, but it should be used to model it before hand. Modeling a sales compensation plan is one of the most frequently overlooked steps in creating a plan.

From first hand experience, I can also agree with the importance of reporting and forecasting having to reduce nonselling time. In a previous position, we had virtually zero reporting of commissions. This forced me to manage the figures of each account in addition to managing the accounts in the companies CRM system.

There is really no reason not to have a solid reporting mechanic in place. Even a 2 second google search will direct you to a handful of free tools. My branch is currently in trial with a product found here- (

Thanks again for the article Gretchen. I will follow up in the near future.
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