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Re: Adelphia CRM: 'Sorry, I Can't Help You'
Posted by: Richard Kern 2003-12-22 09:12:32
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Ever had your blood pressure shoot up several points as a result of a call center agent reciting the phrase, "Will someone be home between 8 and 5 on Wednesday?" Message to Adelphia and like offenders: Unless my name is "Jared from Subway," chances are someone won't be home all day Wednesday between 8 and 5.

Re: Adelphia CRM: 'Sorry, I Can't Help You'
Posted by: crazynuts 2004-01-12 22:33:57 In reply to: Richard Kern
Well after reading your story I have only one thing to say: grow up. First off, I work for Adelphia, and although there are problem areas, what you people are forgetting is that most of the networks in the LA area are old and we are upgrading the service. Remember a lot of the networks you come off of were bought by Adelphia from other cable companies that couldn't hack it in that area. You should really worry about your powergrid and wildfires before your internet service. Here's a classic Adelphia call we got during the wildfires. "I can't connect to the internet." Tech's reply: "Sir I see you are in an area where there are some wild fires." Customer: "Well I don't see why I can't connect to the internet. Fire's about a mile down the road." Tech: "Ok sir let me take a look at your area to see if there are any issues." Tech: "Well sir I see that there is a power outage in your area due to the fires. Do you have power sir?" Customer: "No but I don't see what that has to do with the internet." As for you running a business from your house using your powerlink service that's a NO NO on Res service. You could lose your service for that and we are not responsible for lost wages. My final thought to you my friend is if you are running a business on a cable connection, have a backup just in case.

Re: Adelphia CRM: 'Sorry, I Can't Help You'
Posted by: BoyJustice 2003-12-22 14:03:33 In reply to: Richard Kern
Dude, your first mistake was staying with Adelphia for that long!! Pull all the cables then check out the satellite vendors pronto!! I believe that some of them even have e mail now!! Another news flash: Adelphia really doesn't care about you.
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