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Re: Sales 2.0 and Marketing Too
Posted by: Denis Pombriant 2007-12-05 09:46:47
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Sales 2.0 is a big deal both because it is causing us all to take a new look at selling -- along with all of the social networking ideas and technology that is changing our work habits -- as well as for what it says about marketing. To be frank, Sales 2.0 is actually more about marketing than selling. However, the reality is that marketing solutions don't sell as well as sales solutions and, consequently, we have the situation before us. I long ago gave up on trying to convince anyone about the value of marketing because the people who buy marketing really want sales.

Sales 2.0 - Sales or Marketing?
Posted by: dave.stein@ESResearch.com 2008-06-19 09:56:02 In reply to: Denis Pombriant

You make some really good points in your post, especially about marketing getting close to sales and taking a new look at selling.

I disagree, however, with your point about Sales 2.0 being more about marketing than selling.

More often than not, salespeople got the very short end of the stick with respect to CRM. CRM was looked at as a universal elixir by many managers who were unable or unwilling to effectively implement a selling methodology within their companies. What they wound up doing by deploying CRM was automating the very chaos that they had themselves created.

Forced to pound data into a system that provided a sales person little if any benefit, many salespeople were left distracted and resentful. CRM was designed for and sold to managers. Salespeople were an afterthought--in fact, when you think about it, their role was limited to data entry. What a terrible de-motivator for any salesperson.

We have something to look forward to in Sales 2.0. It's a new opportunity for software developers to put their focus where it should be: helping salespeople win business.

My firm has looked at companies with early Sales 2.0 applications. In general, we're quite pleased. We can see how some Sales 2.0 capabilities will enable sales and marketing to work more closely--possibly even moving those two functions toward the ever-elusive "Sales and Marketing Alignment" that has been discussed for almost two decades.

Most important is that salespeople we speak with see a direct link between use of these new Sales 2.0 applications and winning business. After all, that's what it's all about.
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