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Re: Social Networking and CRM
Posted by: Denis Pombriant 2007-08-29 15:21:02
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Social networking is another one of those technologies I have been watching with interest for a long time as the technology has slowly but steadily approached the front office. The idea of using social networking technology to find a needle in a haystack was a kind of panacea. Imagine being able to find a mutual contact you never knew existed who might be able to introduce you to a sales prospect. I think there's a comparison between social networking and business intelligence.

Re: Social Networking and CRM
Posted by: Filiberto Selvas 2007-08-29 15:39:12 In reply to: Denis Pombriant
I was really interested when I saw the title of your article, but (with all due respect) I think you are missing the mark.
For me CRM (the methodology) is about tracking and learning on your relationship with a customer and taking advantage of that learning to make the relationship better (better can be more profitable, more loyal, more broad, etc.). Where the magic of Social Networking / Online Communities comes in is that you can actually replicate this model across the customer to customer relationship.. you learn what customers are the ones that influence more other customers and why, and you can leverage that learning to make those relationships work in your (and the customers) advantage…
Say you have a car buff, that really likes to be on the know (I have one across the street). If GM observes that this person influences others then GM would be well served having a special relationship with this car buff (early access to information, special newsletters, etc.) and this car buff will in turn use that information to advise others. Works for all: GM gets the sale, the car buff gets the scoop, and the people that ask the car buff get the advice.
Even better, this only works if the product is good; the car buff is not going to get many people coming for advice if he/she recommends bad cars; he/she knows that and keeps it straight.
Filiberto Selvas
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