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ECT News Network works with advertising agencies and in-house corporate marketers to develop custom campaigns to maximize our partners’ return on investment. The service received shall be superior, whether running a short-term promotion or engaging in a long-term media partnership.

We acknowledge the guidelines set forth by the Interactive Advertising Bureau to promote the effectiveness of online advertising. Our sales department welcomes your contact, and our experienced account executives have an unrivaled reputation for responsiveness and attention to customer service.

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ECT News Network Publications - 100% Original Content

ECT News Network consists of some of the best-known e-business and technology publications. In addition to reporting the top industry news of the day, our award-winning journalists produce a broad range of content you won’t find anywhere else: original features, expert analyses, insightful commentaries and exclusive interviews with industry leaders.

Our Brands

E-Commerce TimesSince its launch in 1998, the E-Commerce Times has been ECT News Network’s flagship publication, and it has consistently ranked among the top technology news outlets in the world.

It is a must-read for IT professionals and other key decision makers — from C-level executives at Fortune 1000 companies to owners of small and mid-size businesses — who need to keep up with the latest technology news and business trends in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Coverage includes a variety of tech business topics including e-commerce, social media, the mobile explosion, tech business deals, legal controversies, enterprise IT and cloud computing applications, e-marketing and small business advice.

The E-Commerce Times is a trusted source of in-depth information and valuable insights on the business of technology.

E-Commerce Times Site Map

TechNewsWorldEstablished in 2000, TechNewsWorld is the premier Internet destination for readers interested in what’s happening in the world of technology.

Corporate decision makers, software developers and consumers frequent TechNewsWorld, attracted to its unique coverage of the latest tech news, along with original features, provocative columns and exclusive interviews on topics ranging from cutting-edge breakthroughs in advanced computing to the latest in mobile gadgetry.

TechNewsWorld covers the most important, latest-breaking news about computing, including mobile and social networking trends. Areas of focus include cutting-edge hardware and software reviews, cybersecurity, IT management, scientific advances, gaming and online entertainment.

Serving as an essential resource for both professionals and end users, TechNewsWorld is the most comprehensive, one-stop destination for fresh technology information and perspectives on the Internet today.

TechNewsWorld Site Map

CRM BuyerSince its inception in 2000, CRM Buyer has become the preeminent online publication on customer relationship management and related enterprise software applications.

CRM Buyer is the essential guide for CRM system purchasers, providing executives and business decision makers at small, mid-size and enterprise-level companies with the information and resources they need to maintain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

In addition to insightful product profiles and advice to businesses of all sizes on how to use mobile technology and social media to attract and retain customers, CRM Buyer covers the wide world of enterprise applications for sales, marketing and analytics.

Readers interested in the latest technology breakthroughs available to interact with customers in brand new ways keep coming back for the lively, intelligent and unique content on CRM Buyer.

CRM Buyer Site Map

LinuxInsider Started in 2000, LinuxInsider provides context and analysis of Linux-based technologies and the FOSS (free and open source software) movement for an audience of developers, system administrators, business executives and open source beginners.

A team of tech-savvy writers report on Linux-related topics from an insider’s perspective, focusing on the areas where the impact of open source technology is most strongly felt: in the enterprise, in the development lab and on the desktop.

LinuxInsider chronicles the details of these topics across several regular beats, including security, networks and mobile applications.

From the technology of embedding Linux into TV set-top boxes to the philosophy of understanding the goals of the free software initiative, to the business of deciding between an open source or proprietary enterprise application, LinuxInsider’s content menu offers courses that are digestible enough for tech newbies and meaty enough for serious tech heads.

LinuxInsider Site Map

Advertising Options and Specifications

ECT News Network works with every digital media technology currently available, whether ECT News or a third-party serves your advertising campaign. ECT News accepts ad tags from all third-party ad-serving organizations.

For ad rates, accepted file types, looping limits, and other technical or creative specifications, please contact sales.

Online Display Ads

    • 640 x 480 Welcome Screen
      Appears on a page overlay where the ad is showcased as visitors enter an ECT News Network publication. Can also be placed in articles.
    • 970 x 250 Super Leaderboard
      Placements available at top of pages and in articles.
    • 300 x 600 Half-Page
      This large-size ad unit is displayed alongside editorial content on the right side of the page.
    • 728 x 90 Leaderboard
      Placements available at top of pages and in articles.
    • 300 x 250 Medium Rectangle
      A cost-effective rectangle positioned alongside editorial content for maximum exposure.
    • 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper
      Positioned alongside premium editorial content on the right side of the page.
    • More Sizes Available
      Let us know what you need. We welcome requests for all IAB Portfolio ads.

Content Integration Advertising

Content Integration Text Ads (CITA) appear on article pages and may contain up to 300 characters.

The CITA is an unobtrusive text ad. Advertiser names may appear in bold and a CTA link is placed in the text of the message to invite reader response. Thumbnail-size logos are optional at no additional charge.

Newsletter Advertising

Subscribers engage with ECT News Network newsletters at industry-leading rates due to the expertise and information that our journalists, reporters, and analysts have provided since 1998. View Samples:

E-Commerce Minute | Tech News Flash | ECT News Network Weekly | Editors’ Pick

Visit the ECT News Network Newsletter Advertising Gallery for examples of our newsletter advertising options.

Please consult with your sales advisor or contact sales to learn how our in-house creative team can help customize your message to meet your needs.

E-mail advertising products are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Since e-mail ad space is often sold out weeks or months in advance, we encourage you to reserve space early. To secure dates and positions, please contact your sales advisor, or the ECT News Sales Department.

List Rentals / Dedicated E-Mail Advertising

Please contact your account executive or the ECT News Sales Department for available dates, lead time and pricing information.

Premier Text Links

These “sticky” text ads appear at the top of your chosen site(s) in the ECT News Network. Premier Text Links may contain up to 80 characters.

Custom Ad Units

Digital advertising is a constantly evolving medium — and ECT News is at the forefront of this progression. In addition to traditional offerings, we also produce custom ad units that are specifically tailored to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our custom ad products.

Special Requests

If you have ad units with dimensions or specifications not mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome special requests and will make every effort to accomodate your needs.

Monitoring Results

Online Display, Content Integration Text Ads, and Sponsored Text Links

Upon request, ECT News supplies a password-protected page where advertisers can track the results of their campaigns. Statistics are displayed in daily increments for impressions delivered, clicks, and click-through rates (CTR). Advertisers who would like access to these statistical reporting tools should notify us when submitting their advertising materials.

Newsletter Ads

Client UTM codes are accepted and/or a redirect URL can be set up to record the number of clicks on a newsletter ad.

For additional information on statistical reporting, consult your account executive or contact the ECT News Sales Department.

Lead Time

All advertising instructions and creative materials must be submitted via e-mail to the ECT News Sales Department. Lead time for list rentals and all e-mail advertising is five business days prior to deployment. Assets for all other ad products should be submitted no later than two business days prior to launch.

Online Display Ads Served by ECT News Network

Include the image file, alternate text for the ad that does not exceed 40 characters, and a URL pointing to a live web page.

Online Display Ads Served by a Third Party

Submit ad tags by e-mail, or send instructions with a URL pointing to where we can pick up the tags.

Newsletter Ads, Content Integration Text Ads, and Premier Text Links

Include the text for the ad and a URL pointing to a live web page.

How To Place Your Order

Please direct all advertising orders and inquiries to the ECT News Sales Department. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff welcomes your contact and is ready to assist with your advertising needs.

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