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Re: iWatches and Bracelets and Shades, Oh My
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2013-01-03 06:56:52
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There have been a few new Apple rumors floating around the last few days, starting with one that claimed Apple was working on an "iWatch" and graduating to wearable computers. Piper Jaffray Apple-watching analyst Gene Munster even went so far as to point out in a research note for his investor clients that, over the course of several years, wearable computing devices could provide some next-generation revenue to the iPhone and iPad business. I must admit, at first glance, I found the idea of an iWatch tantalizing.

Re: iWatches and Bracelets and Shades, Oh My
Posted by: akcoyote 2013-01-04 08:29:08 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
I couldn't agree more with your comments. When I first heard about an Apple 'watch' I pretty much gave it two seconds thought and decided I didn't need to be walking around with a 'techie Timex'.

When I did wear a watch (most of my life), I had several from Timex to Seiko. (Never was willing to spend thousands on a Rolex.) I could just put on whatever one fit the occasion or just for variety.

After agreeing with you I got to thinking what would be the solution to this dilemma for Apple?

For me it would be a sleek iWatch with great design in a few basic colors (black, metal gray, white, etc.) AND designed to allow me to snap out the 'watch' and put it in any of a variety of different bands, even pendants for my wife.

If Apple would focus on the hardware, features and user experience, give me a serviceable well designed starter band and encourage everyone else to offer their idea of a band I would be reaching for my credit card in a flash.

As an early adopter, I could wear the Apple band until I saw something in the add-on market that caught my fancy. I could have my iWatch dressed as a Timex, Swatch, Chronometer, Stopwatch, Dive Watch (good to 300 feet ?), Seiko or heaven forbid a Rolex.

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