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Re: Microsoft's Dell Play: Smart Save or Nokia 2.0?
Posted by: Katherine Noyes 2013-02-14 11:59:26
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It's no secret that partnerships involving Microsoft tend to make Linux bloggers nervous, and given the lessons of history, it's not exactly any wonder, either. So FOSS fans will have to be excused for the anxiety with which they've watched the latest developments with Dell. CEO and founder Michael Dell is attempting to take the company private through a leveraged buyout. What made antennae stand up in the Linux community, though, was the news that Microsoft was in on the deal.

Re: Microsoft's Dell Play: Smart Save or Nokia 2.0?
Posted by: gvnmcknz 2013-02-15 09:32:15 In reply to: Katherine Noyes
Dells Ophelia appears to be an Android based Thin Client/Remote Desktop HDMI stick.

Linux has the Server space to leverage this as a working model.
Perhaps MSFT wants to get back/more into the server area, using Dell to do so.

Thin Client/Remote might be useful for Win8 tabs as well &/or Win8 might run well on next-gen HDMI sticks? Upcoming Rockchip RK3188 Quad Core + GPU supposedly i3 equal or better.
PS Just ordered UG007 HDMI stick, supposedly Ophelia equivalent, at 50 definitely worth a gamble!!
RK3066 chip, will run Picuntu (Ubuntu derivative).

Re: Microsoft's Dell Play: Smart Save or Nokia 2.0?
Posted by: hairyfeet 2013-02-18 02:52:24 In reply to: gvnmcknz
Sorry friend but the "thin client/cloud 2.0" thing is practically dead, not gonna change anything. you see for thin clients to work you have to have bandwidth and here in the USA all the ISPs are going cap city, so good luck getting bandwidth at a price to make thin clients useful for the masses.

This will ultimately be what kills ChromeOS as well, between that and the 6 strikes the ISPs adopted killing free WiFi you can pretty much give up on anything that is purely web based, at least in the consumer space.
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