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Re: Can Dot-Coms Still Attract the Best and Brightest?
Posted by: Elaine X. Grant 2002-03-11 16:13:18
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When it comes to recruiting top talent, Internet companies face a much different picture
than they once did. "Tech workers aren't rushing to work at dot-coms in the way that they
were two to three years ago," Alan Hoffman, a technology jobs expert at Monster.com, told
the E-Commerce Times. And in response to job-seekers' new focus on base salary and benefits
rather than fat stock-option packages, dot-coms have adopted a more traditional approach
to recruiting.

Re: Can Dot-Coms Still Attract the Best and Brightest?
Posted by: steve.ciske 2002-03-11 16:18:10 In reply to: Elaine X. Grant
Dot-Coms will ultimately remain appealing to IT professionals because most Dot-Coms push technology to new levels. An IT professional needs to stay on top of the latest trends otherwise risk becoming obsolete.

Re: Can Dot-Coms Still Attract the Best and Brightest?
Posted by: Eli_Guajardo 2002-03-12 09:57:58 In reply to: steve.ciske
Well it's true that IT professionals constitute a critical piece in the big picture of a Dot-Com company, but many companies have to find its real business that it is not necessarily the technology field.
The success of a Dot-Com now depends on how advanced is technology, depends on its ability to manage and apply the information to increment the corporate value. And today, Dot-Com companies are hungry for that kind of professionals.
Greetings from México.
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