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Re: Web Music Waits Till the Midnight Hour
Posted by: Paul A. Greenberg 2001-11-28 08:07:32
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For those who thought online music sharing companies would thrive once they "went legit"
with paid subscription plans, the U.S. Department of Justice investigation into the
industry has got to be a disappointment. Independent online services are on virtual
standby until the bigger fish come to terms over these possible violations.

Re: Web Music Waits Till the Midnight Hour
Posted by: Rodrigo E. 2001-11-28 08:14:19 In reply to: Paul A. Greenberg
I can't believe that no one has come up with a different model. What napster told us, and it was clear years before, is that the model used to protect copyrights is OVER. Yes, they can try to stop the internet sharing, but they will never make it. As an example, look what has happened to the software industry.

So, if i was a musician or a record company, I would start thinking in some other way of getting cash. Maybe what internet has told us is that you can get so popular that you may start performing and be paid because of that.

Free the music and people will hear you AND follow you. Of course there are some exceptions, but at the end the whole model has to be flipped.

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She broke the law and should go to jail.
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