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Re: Leaving Web Surfers Out in the Cold
Posted by: Keith Regan 2001-11-27 14:08:08
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Pop-up ads are annoying. There's little question about that. But they are also telling
in what they say about the Web surfers that advertisers are trying to reach. Whether it's
the X10.com ads for wireless cameras -- the ones with the scantily clad women -- or the
offshore casino ads, the target is clearly young people and mainly young men.

Re: Leaving Web Surfers Out in the Cold
Posted by: stephanie 2001-11-27 14:10:38 In reply to: Keith Regan
I agree - more information = better results. There is continual talk about how many people abandon their shopping carts. I think if Retailers posted the shipping cost of the item before the point of checkout...those that got to the checkout point would be less likely to abandon their purchase. It's the "sticker shock" that keeps consumers from buying the impulse purchases that come with browsing.
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