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Re: Guidelines Aim to Check Aggressive Mobile Ads
Posted by: Vivian Wagner 2012-11-28 21:53:47
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In response to increasingly aggressive ads in free mobile apps, mobile security firm Lookout on Monday released guidelines to protect consumer privacy and security and promote responsibility among advertisers. The guidelines offer mobile ad providers information about how to target advertising, while at the same time adhering to principles of privacy and user choice. Because the mobile ecosystem is evolving so quickly, it's important to develop standards for mobile advertising, according to Lookout.

Re: Guidelines Aim to Check Aggressive Mobile Ads
Posted by: KenardTaylor 2012-11-28 21:56:46 In reply to: Vivian Wagner
Take a good look at the advertisers and mobile ad networks that honor these guidelines. I use Airpush, and they built their new SDK in with these Lookout guidelines in mind. I think all players have to be held accountable and held to high standards for their actions.
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